Our team showcases a vast array of experience and know-how. We aren’t just an equipment company, nor are we just engineering. We are your holistic, go-to provider for full lines. Being able to execute on that required that we bring in a diverse, committed and positive staff. We will get you to your next level of operational excellence.

The Founders

PROEX FOOD is owned by Ross and Daniel; savvy industry disruptors who saw a need to create a holistic product and service group.

Ross Lund

Ross is our passionate, energized leader across our global business, our US operations leader, and the Head of our Strategic Partnerships.

Ross has cross-disciplinary experience in the field of engineered manufactured products, and looks for ways to be innovative & disruptive in the value-add products and solutions we create for our customers.

Ross has been a business leader in the Agricultural and Food Industries for over 20 years.

Dr.-Ing. Daniel Ghadiri
President & CTO

Daniel is our wonderfully dedicated engineering and technology leader, as well as our Head of Technology Partnerships.

He has his PhD in Mechanical Engineering with an Innovation Focus to go with his Masters Degree in International Project Engineering and Bachelors in Industrial Engineering. Innovation combined with proper execution is his passion.

Daniel enjoys delivering optimized solutions that immediately create value for our customers.

Our Delivery Team

Our teams are equally passionate on making people aware of our capabilities and executing on customer projects.

Nick Maglio
VP, Marketing & Digital Transformation
Adam Kos
Sales Director - EMEA
D Jali
Aaron Mett
Project Engineer
Tomasz Bojakowski
Project Engineer
Dominik Broszczak
Sales Coordinator
Ethan Fellows
Operations & Sales