Product Description

The floatation washer with de-stoner is primarily used in frozen and shelf-stable (canned / jarred) lines. This washer is optimized for sweet corn kernels, de-podded peas and additional dry beans.

Operating Principle

Product first enters the de-stoning system. An infeed chute distributes product evenly onto a water-treated conveyor. The conveyor movement and cleats catch stones, and move them away in the opposite direction of the product. Those then to settle into the bottom of the tank.

Next the product is fed to the washing system. Paddles in the tank create agitation of the water itself. This separates desired product from floating dirt and debris. Unwanted material is channeled away by a cleaning sieve. Product then goes to a vibratory separator to shake off excess water prior to discharge.


This washer is equipped with a water cleaning and recirculation system. This reduces both consumption and waste, even during cleaning.


The washer consists of the following main systems and units:

  • Flotation stone catcher conveyor
  • Cleaning system with rotary sieve
  • Flotation washer
  • Collection channel for cleaned water
  • Vibrating water separator
  • Piping system powered by circulation pumps
  • Supporting structures and frames
  • Service platform
  • Control systems


CapacityUp to 6 t/h
Width2 700 mm
Length 6 950 mm
Height3 380 mm
Operating width700 mm
Infeed height3 200 mm
Discharge height1740 mm
Power supply400 V, 50 Hz
Installed power8,7 kW

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