Husker - Fresh Market Sweet Corn

Fresh market sweet corn requires an extra level of precision to deliver picture-perfect cobs and cobettes, ready for your retail partner’s shelves. Our fresh market husker is the best in the business, ready for your operation.

Product Description

Fresh market sweet corn requires a whole different level of processing equipment. Your final cobs or cobettes have to appeal to customers in their retail packaging, which cannot hide damage. Our fresh market sweet corn husker is the best in the market for delivering pristine products. While gentle on your cobs, they are built tough – running reliably and efficiently, with the lowest amounts of maintenance. 

Upgrade your sweet corn processing capability with our huskers, complete husking systems or a complete processing line. The complete husking system consists of three machines working in harmony.

  • First, the metering conveyor regulates speed from infeed into the husking functions
  • After that,  the vibratory shaker feeder distributes and aligns the cobs
  • Finally, the husker itself efficiently and gently removes the husk and corn silk from the cobs without damaging the kernels

The capacities and inclusion of these and ancillary equipment are always recommended by our engineers, based on your throughput and output requirements. Our goal is to help you achieve high levels of operational efficiency by deploying equipment, engineering and other technologies that are the right fit for you.

The counter-rotating roller shafts and roller style(s) are suggested based on your products. Typically for fresh market, all rollers are low-profile – operating at the most gentle level possible. The rows are divided by oscillating panels to align cobs and prevent jamming.

Let us know what you need to accomplish – we have capacities and solutions for processors of all sizes.

Let us know what you need to accomplish – we have capacities and solutions for processors of all sizes.

Capacities in ears per minute:


Configuration Capacity
4 lane 150 EPM
8 Lane 300 EPM
12 Lane 450 EPM
16 Lane 600 EPM

While designed for sweet corn, there are configuration options for other crops. They can be set up to:

  • De-leaf oranges and other robust citrus fruits
  • Top onions
  • De-sprout and de-vine some potatoes
  • Top and tail radishes
  • Pre-clean certain root fruits and vegetables
    • Apples
    • Carrots
    • etc.

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