Jet Washer

Our jet washer is gentle on product, tough on dirt and contaminants. Use the power of water to remove dirt and debris.

Product Description

Our jet washer is a complete system for thorough cleaning of green beans, certain vegetables that float, and those grown in heavily soiled conditions, such as sandy or highly soiled harvest.   This unit is compact, and has many configuration options to suit a wide variety of products and soil levels.  Our jet washers typically have upgraded water pumps for higher circulation.

The jet washer is commonly used for:

  • Vegetables
    • Green Beans
    • Okra
    • Root Vegetables
  • Leafy Greens
    • Field-grown loose leaves
    • Chicory / Radicchio
  • Fruit
    • Sand-grown conditions, such as strawberries

Washing Tank Operation

Product is fend into the washing tank by a leafy feeder, of from a pre-stage system. Water jets  circulate and agitate the product, loosening and shaking off dirt and debris. A discharge convey takes washed product out of the tank. Finally, a clean water rinse is applied. Product typically moves on to a drying step.


This closed system recirculates and reuses waster.


  • Works on heavily soiled products
  • Compact footprint
  • 304 stainless frame and tank construction
  • Optimized pressure nozzles
  • Removal belt
  • Rinse system
  • Control system
  • Pre-stage wet or dry insect and debris separation
  • Kill-step (chemical dosing) stages
  • Automatic soil / sand / debris removal
  • Water capture, recycle and regeneration system
  • Integration with complete ProEx Food post-harvest processing and packing line

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