Onion Peelers

From small to large, white to red and many options in-between: once we know your infeed product and recipe, we will work to integrate the right peeling technology into your line.

Product Description

Many Options

PROEX FOOD always integrates the right technology for your line. There are many options for peelers, depending on your capacity, recipe, product size and more. Our team will ask you questions about many factors so we can determine the right solution for you.

Of course, as a full-service integrator, we look forward to helping you design and install your complete onion processing line, which uses the right onion peeler for your unique needs.

Continuous Load

This is typically a hand-loaded system for up to 120 units per minute.

This system tops and tails the onions in one operation then slits the outer skin and removes it with compressed air. No change parts are required. The onions are picked up from the hopper automatically and then positioned by the feed operator so that the tops and tails are set horizontally across the carriers.

Batch Processing

There are many options here, usually for higher volume lines. We will work with you to determine the right option to have as an automated feature of your onion processing line. These units require very little labor to operate, when properly integrated.

Next Steps

Let’s talk about your capacity, labor situation, hygiene needs, processing style(s) and more. Just top and tailing? Also slicing or dicing? Going into a salad mix, or to a frozen line? Let’s talk.

Then, our experienced engineers will identify the right peeling technology for your line.

Depending on the solution that best suits your needs, we will provide a video showing the unit in operation.

Let’s talk! Sometimes, that is just the best way to connect with our team.

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