PXCLB Frozen Carton Lump Breaker

The machine is designed to hygienically break apart blocks / lumps of your already frozen food products, that are stored in cartons.

Product Description

De-Lump Your Post-IQF Product More Hygienically


The machine is designed to break apart blocks / lumps of your already frozen food products, that are stored in cartons. Rather than inserting a drill into the container, this more hygienic method applies pressure to the exterior of the package. The unit handles product in single cartons, packed on a pallet, with total maximum dimensions of 1200 x 800 x 1850 mm.


An operator puts the pallet, loaded with cartons, wrapped in stretch film into the machine chamber.  After the door is closed, the operator enters the height of the total pallet / cartons along with the desired amount of pressure cycles.  Once entered, the operator presses the process start button to activate an automated cycle.

The chain-mounted pressure head runs along 8 rollers mounted to corner posts, and runs from top to bottom. A geared motor with a brake regulates the process. 

When the head is lowered to the top part of the pallet with cartons, the cycle begins.

Bumpers configured in oppositely-set pairs apply pressure to the cartons. These are driven by hydraulic cylinders – two per each bumper, 8 in total. 

Once the bumper makes initial contact with the carton, the hydraulic system also generates additional vibration to assist in the process. 

After the cartons have received pressure and vibration to the stop point,  the head moves by the preset value down and the next compression cycle by the bumpers occurs. 

When the cycle is finished, the head lifts to the top extreme position. An operator may open the safety grids and take out the pallet. 

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The machine is made of non-toxic, non-absorbent materials, resistant to products and cleaning agents. The elements that are in direct contact with the product are made of either acid resistant steel or appropriate plastics certified as food grade materials. Full accessibility of the machine allows it to be thoroughly cleaned. All surfaces are smooth and profiles are closed and rounded.

Most of the connections are welded and any greases and oils used are applied in such a way as to prevent them from contaminating the processed food.

The construction facilitates to maintain high production hygiene standard and high ergonomics of work (closed profiles, easy cleaning of the entire construction, etc.).



12-15 cycles/h (depending on the product)


approx. 2 950 mm


approx. 3 580 mm


approx. 2 450 mm


approx. 2 500 kg

Power supply

400 V, 50 Hz

Installed power

9 kW

  • Material: acid resistant steel or plastic elements are food grade materials
  • CE certified machine


A special attention should be paid to the dimensions of the entrance door to the machine work chamber. The maximum dimensions of forklift truck carriage used to put the pallet with product must be lower than the rectangle dimensions – height 2300 mm, width – 1650 mm.