PXCSS – Shaker with Sieve / Screen

Calibrate / grade and remove leftover particulates with this specialized vibratory shaker.

Product Description

Calibrate and Remove Scraps

Our shaker with sieve adds a unique and efficient way to both calibrate your product and remove scraps from processed product. It is made specifically for fruit and vegetable production, and is heavily used in IQF / frozen processing lines. More processors are now using this machine for fresh market and shelf-stable applications, as well.

Different sieves / screens will enable you to perform the tasks you need in your operation.


  • The product is fed into the shaker with sieve through an infeed chute
  • Product travels to a vibratory feeder and spread
  • Product then travels across the slotted sieve / screen, at a slight angle while vibrating
  • Product below spec falls through the screen, while whole / desirable product sizes continue
  • Ideal product exits via the outfeed chute
  • Undesirable product falls to the bottom, and then to either a collection chamber or conveyor
  • Outfeed chute can be positioned on either side of the machine


  • Vibrating tank
  • Sieve / screen (slotted to spec)
  • Outfeed chutes
  • Electronic actuators
  • Spring suspension
  • Supporting frame
  • Control system

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up to 2.5 t/h

Overall width (without control box)






Working part length


Working width


Infeed height


Outfeed height



typically 570 kg


Vibratory type SW (2 pcs.)

Power supply

400 V, 50 Hz

Installed power

0,6 kW