PXFDS - Funnel De-Stoner

Primarily used for root vegetables, this system removes dirt and debris from crops that arrive with plenty of it.

Product Description

Our funnel de-stoner uses its cone shape to amplify and channel the power of water, gravity and water pressure. The result is ideal agitation that removes dirt, rocks and other debris from your incoming product.

Our funnel de-stoner is made of two parts:

  • Receiving hopper
  • Settling tank.

Products are introduced, and primary float. The water, and the funnel agitation and flow bring rocks and heavier debris to the bottom to be discharged. Water flow then transports the product out of the funnel and into the settling tank. Lighter debris, such as dirt, settles to the bottom for removal.

This system works well on root vegetables (potatoes, carrots, beets, etc.) and can also be modified to work with green beans.  Multiple capacities can be accommodated, ask for more info.




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