PXGCR Roller Grader / Calibrator

Grade/sort according to size automatically for product that will roll across this system.

Product Description

Our roller calibrator / grader is designed fruit and vegetables. This unit applies an increasing size range to product as it flow across the unit.  The roller gap with is adjustable.


  • Calibration / grade slot size is set by changing the distance of the top roller guide
  • Sorting is performed in order of size, from lowest to highest
  • Product matching the appropriate slot falls into the appropriate discharge chute
    • The machine can be equipped with up to three chutes / conveyors
    • Any product whose size exceeds the maximum set dimension is directed to a collection area

NOTE: Correct operation is only possible when raw material is evenly fed (one layer of product) and the product is longitudinally oriented along the calibrator rollers. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use a vibrating conveyor for material infeed.


Machine can be equipped with 3 pcs. of the same or different length collection conveyors installed under each of the sorting sections faced to any machine side. This is our recommendation.


  • Steel base and frame
  • Roller chain with drive
  • Roller slot adjustment system
  • Infeed and discharge chutes
  • Control system
  • Housings and safety guards

If this does not load in your browser, click here to view in a new tab.

If this does not load in your browser, click here to view in a new tab.


to 6 t/h

product dependent

Operating width

800 mm







Infeed height


Discharge height


Number of sorting sections

up to 3

Collection height of sorted products

typically 1 000 mm

Power supply

400 V, 50 Hz

Installed power

2,2 kW

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