Product Description

Our inspection conveyor with belt is what most think of for an inspection table in an active processing line. Product is transported by the watchful eye of your QA staff, typically up to 9 around a single unit. This inspection system is ergonomic, and well-lit.


  • Product is evenly spread on the inspection conveyor belt
    • Recommended that conveyor / table width matches the upstream machine discharge chute
  • Lighting is suspended over the inspection zone
  • The belt speed can be adjusted to match it to the line capacity, raw material type or number of employees
  • An emergency stop pull wire is within arms’ reach of the operating personnel
  • 8 to 9 employees visually assess the raw material and remove undesired foreign objects or waste product

Advanced Options

  • Ask about our optical sorters and x-ray scanners
  • Customizable discharge chutes, waste options and baffles
  • A drip tray can be installed for instances with a slotted / perforated belt
  • LED lighting


  • Base and frame made from welded steel tube and sheet
  • To spec belt
  • Drive transmission shafts
  • Geared motor
  • Light frame and units
  • Fixed guards and protective housings
  • Control system

If this does not load in your browser, click here to view in a new tab.

If this does not load in your browser, click here to view in a new tab.


up to 4 t/h

product dependent


typically 4 200 mm



Working length 


Working width 


Working height 

typically 600 – 1 000 mm

Belt speed 

0,08 – 0,15 m/s

Power supply

400 V, 50Hz

Installed power

0,55 kW

Number of lights

typically 2 pcs.

Belt type


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