PXMSFW-700 Water Mushroom Slicer

Higher capacity for your IQF or shelf-stable mushrooms.

Product Description

Frozen and canned / shelf-stable mushrooms require a different slicing method. This mushroom slicer efficiently and hygienically automates the cutting portion of your frozen, canned or jarred mushroom line.  It has an optional vibratory infeed to help with higher capacity lines.

  • Product is fed into a water distribution tank with a circulation pump, then by distribution flumes into the knife system
  • The blades are set on twin shafts, and the cutting thickness distance can be reset in minutes.
    • The slicer can be ordered with additional sets of blades, preset at your desired distance(s) / thickness(es)
  • After slicing, your product transfers to a vibratory shaker table to remove waste
  • All operations managed by a control panel
  • The machine is built with food grade steel and optimized for easy access to wash down


CapacityUp to 2 tons per hour
Width1,530 mm   /   61”
Height1,490 mm   /   59”
Length3,050 mm   /   200”
Operating Width700 mm   /   28”
Infeed Height1,250 mm   /   50”
Discharge Height630 mm   /   25”
Default Cut Thickness5 mm   /   0.2”
Power Supply400 V, 50 Hz
Drive5.5 kW

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