PXRH – Receiving Hopper

Our receiving / metering hoppers help streamline your processing line.

Product Description

Our receiving hoppers are typically built and configured per your need.  Often, you need to stage incoming product and time out the feed to the rest of your process.  Our receiving hoppers, sometimes referred to as metering hoppers, are ready to help.

As product is introduced, either from a tote dumper or infeed conveyor, the hopper is your gatekeeper. Product can then be introduced into your line by a belt conveyor, auger, or rod belt (depicted in the example images here).

Our receiving hoppers are made to help you manage your line while mitigating damage to your product. It’s (typically 304) stainless steel design is crafted with hygiene in mind – minimizing waste buildup and easy to clean.

These units can be configured for all of your processing, and are often deployed for:

  • Potatoes
  • Sweet Corn (whole cobs)

Let us know about your line, we will customize your solution for you.  Our receiving hoppers typically handle 4 tons of product per hour, each.

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