PXRHFR - Receiving Hopper with Conveyor Feeder and Cleaning Rolls

Our receiving hopper helps perform some initial cleaning and nubbin grading.

Product Description

Potato and Root Vegetable Infeed

This receiving hopper is optimized for potato and root vegetable receiving.  It offers the first level of dirt / soil removal from the product, so that the next washing phase runs more efficiently.

Take Off Belt

Our take off belt comes with this unit. It is made from not only soil, but also small potato / root vegetable removal at this early stage in the line.

Optional Upgrades

Weighing unit for feeding of the washer and/or peeler.

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Output Capacity

Up to 6 t/h

Overall Length


Overall Width


Total Height


Belt Working Width


Feed-in Chute Height


Feed – out Height


Electrical Supply Required

400 V, 50 Hz

Total Power Requirement

3,16 kW