Blanchers & Coolers

When you are preparing your fruits and vegetables for frozen or shelf-stable (canned / jarred) applications, blanchers and coolers are critical process steps for product quality and safety. The goal is to heat the product only to the point where harmful microbes, pathogens and/or bacteria are killed, its visual aesthetic and texture are optimized, without harming the flavor nor washing out all starches.

Applying blanchers and coolers correctly results in the higher yield quality that your buyers and/or end consumers are looking for. You also reduce the risk of contamination and recalls while extending shelf time. Properly processed goods sold at a competitive price are what sets your products apart from your competition, and drives buyers toward your brand.

Have to Blanch and Cool the Right Way

Yet, this is not an easy step. If your process is either too short and/or too cold, you may not eradicate contaminants and may produce products whose texture falls short of expectations. On the other hand, too long and/or too hot and the texture goes the other way to unappealing, the appearance deteriorates and you remove nutrients.

Beyond the products, your operational costs are impacted by not only processing time, but also energy consumption in the forms of both electricity and steam / water. Having efficient equipment helps mitigate these costs as well, which not only reduces the price of goods produced, but improves your operational costs.

We Help Optimize Your Line

ProEx Food engineers know these challenges, and have 4 standard models that we will configure for your operation. If your needs require a different solution, a recommendation will be made. They will help identify the right unit, help you optimize your process, and will find optimal integration to run at peak efficiency.

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