Global Reach

PROEX FOOD manufactures our equipment and integrated solutions globally. We also have sales and operations offices in multiple geographies. 

We are dedicated to first-class solutions and support. 

PROEX FOOD around the world

Menomonee Falls, WI, USA:

Global HQ, Americas Sales & Operations, Manufacturing and Assembly, Product Showroom, Parts Warehouse, Engineering & Marketing

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United Kingdom:

Vibratory Conveyor Engineering, Project Engineering, Manufacturing & Assembly

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International Sales, Parts Warehouse

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Vibratory, UK & W Europe Sales

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Ukraine: Sales Agent:

Tolsma Technik LLC

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Technology Partners

As a global technology company, PROEX FOOD works with some of the finest suppliers in the world. These suppliers proved efficient, reliable solutions that are valuable to our customers. While these are some of the companies we work with often, we will seek out and integrate additional technologies when they are the most optimal for your specific needs

Trade Associations

PROEX FOOD is global, and works with several domestic and international trade associations. 

Channel Partners

At PROEX FOOD, we value the importance of strong, mutually beneficial relationships with our channel partners. Our channel partner program is designed to standardize the levels of our Agents and Channel Partners, ensuring clarity in their association and the appropriate use of our likeness.

Currently, we do not have any authorized channel partners.

As an advanced company in the food manufacturing space, some entities have claimed to be part of our channel program. While we have provided information to prospective partners, there is a stringent process to becoming an official PROEX FOOD channel partner. All criteria must be met prior to any authorization to represent us, and/or use our likeness. We are aware that due to the innovative nature of our products and solutions, some companies have incorrectly portrayed themselves as partners. Rest assured, if that were the case, they would be listed here.

If you would like to verify any entities, please contact us at, and we would be happy to assist you.

If you are interested in becoming an authorized PROEX FOOD channel partner, please contact us directly at to discuss potential opportunities. We look forward to collaborating with dedicated and qualified partners who share our commitment to excellence and mutual success.

For more information on our channel partner program and qualification criteria, please reach out to our team.