Global Leaders in Sweet Corn

We are the market leaders in fresh applications and have extensive experience with frozen and shelf-stable lines

Fresh Corn

Fresh-Cut Corn Cobs that are Tray Packed

Lightly Processed

IQF / Frozen, Vacuum Packed and/or Shelf-Stable Outputs

When you are looking for a sweet corn processing and packing line, we are the market leaders. This product category is where it all started, and we have more experience in corn than anyone else. We originally spun off from a company that made huskers, cob saws, cutters and integrated complete lines. That company was also the first in the market to tackle fresh-cut, tray packed sweet corn lines. Coming from that background, our staff has decades of experience in creating corn processing line solutions for our customers. 

All The Corn Equipment You Need

Every line is a little different. Here’s a robust corn line video.


Custom Layouts

We custom-build layouts specific to your needs. Short on space? Want to have more than one process occur within a line? Looking for more technology to be adopted? Let us know your needs, capacities, timelines and budgets. We'll make sure your receive and optmized line with an attracive ROI.