Processing & Packing Automation Solutions

We are the rare processing equipment OEM that offers you everything you need to succeed. One single place to help you achieve capacity, throughput, quality and safety while reducing labor needs. Attainable automation solutions.

Modern Equipment

While much has been said about food processing technology evolution, our equipment is some of the only that was designed this decade.

PROEX FOOD builds robust, reliable equipment. Our new iNTELLIPRO™ line of machinery is digital enabled, and ready to give you insight and information like you’ve never had before. Our ongoing R&D initiatives are ambitious and aggressive because they should be, and we are dedicated to delivering value through innovation. We also build our equipment out of 304 stainless – we don’t cheap out on materials.

Our equipment is so ahead of the curve that some are trying to copy it, and pretending theirs is just as good. How flattering.

Spoiler alert: PROEX FOOD modern equipment will always outperform others, and last for years.

We do our best when installing complete line solutions, and our equipment is ready when you are.

iNTELLIPRO HUSKER - multiple roller bed configuration options

Design Engineering

Long gone are the days with a pool of engineers ready to attack a problem, and aware of all the global technology options. 

We know. That’s part of the reason PROEX FOOD exists: we are your one-stop-shop, and have our in-house engineers ready to design your project to your space, with the right mix of mechanical digital, or even robotic technology. 

One vendor who won’t point fingers at other suppliers. We own your project, from start to finish.


The reality is that automation is involved whenever a human hand is replaced by a tool or machine. The question is, what are you ready for, and what can your solution provider offer.

At PROEX FOOD, we look at automation in tiers. What is your roadmap based on your products, capacities, budgets and more. 

We deliver attainable automation. Proper equipment and design. Optional digital and robotic technology. Logic programming and integration. We work with you to deliver the automation technology that gives you the fastest and most optimal ROI.

PROEX FOOD offers fully integrated controls for our line installations
Processed Sweet Corn Line example

Turnkey Lines

This is what it’s all about. This is where PROEX FOOD stands out. 

Our company is built on delivering turnkey solutions. Our team walks you through our optimization process so that your line is optimized for your product(s) and your space. 

We also work with you on incremental upgrade plans, so that your investment can be realized quickly, and you can use that benefit to make continual improvements.