Advanced, intelligent equipment and digital IoT  technology for the modern, connected processor.

What's In It For Me?

That’s more than a fair question. Just about every modern company is talking about digitization, IoT, IIoT, or many other ways to talk about connectivity, data aggregation and analysis. 

In the end, it’s all about improving collaboration, revealing valuable insights into your operation and creating actionable tasks that help reduce your costs and improve your profits.

Do it right, and watch your business soar to new levels of productivity, throughput and profitability. 

Here at PROEX FOOD, we talked to you and businesses just like you. Combined with our decades of experience, we redesigned several core pieces of our equipment to be ready for Industry 4.0 and the digital world. We went through iterations of platform R&D, and finally launched our new connected product and technology product group: iNTELLIPRO™, by PROEX FOOD.

The core of iNTELLIPRO™ revolves around connectivity in all of its forms, starting with digital communication. Here’s a little more about it, at a high level.

PROEX FOOD iNTELLIPRO™ ROBOTICS bring you fully-integrated technology to further automation your processing and packaging operations.

Unlike a huge engineering outfit, we know your pain, and your budgets. 

There are more benefits and options than could be listed on any website – let’s find your right fit.


We are adding iNTELLIPRO™ digital technology to our mechanical equipment regularly. Here are some of our mostly common solutions that are already built to work within our iNTELLIPRO™ ecosystem.