PROEX FOOD prides itself delivering best-in-class solutions for all of our projects, and that is why we integrate vibratory systems for applicable projects.

Vibratory shaker conveyors and vibratory distribution systems better manage product load and transit vs the triangle load you typically see on belt conveyors. Vibratory shaker systems are also longer lasting, have very few wear parts and are uniquely energy efficient. They are also the best option for wash-down environments, as many vibratory drives are IP69 rated.

Vibratory shaker conveyors and distribution solutions are ideal for general conveying, dosing, multihead infeed optimization, cluster busting and much more. 

You will not find a more efficient, long lasting, hygienic solution anywhere.

Let’s discuss your vibratory needs. PROEX FOOD engineers will assess your needs and recommend the right solution for your operation.


PROEX FOOD Vibratory Shaker Conveyors and Systems
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vibro - meat and poultry

Meat & Poultry

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Fruits & Berries

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Snack Food

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Pet Food

Solutions & Use Cases

Every processor has unique needs, available space, product characteristics and additional variables. That’s why we follow our 5-step optimization process. Our team works hard to understand your exact needs and requirements. They then create your custom solution. 

These are just a few examples of the innovative, hygienic, high throughput vibratory offerings from PROEX FOOD. As we discuss your unique project needs and objectives, we work with you to define the ideal solution for your specific operation. In the end, you get peace of mind that you are running with the best technology available today for your exact needs.

This is also why we show only the basics here. You have unique product and capacity needs, and we will define the line layout and model customizations as we go through our process with you. Our team also works hard to build a solution with a fast payback, often well less than 2 years, if not only 1.

Conveyors & Distribution


Processors often seek solutions for tackling an ongoing challenge in their business – transportation and distribution of their products, as inefficient flow, damage and waste are recurring issues.


Our expert team, with years of experience and extensive knowledge, carefully evaluate various options before arriving at a bespoke solution that caters specifically to the need of each processing company. After assessing the products’ peculiarities, custom vibratory conveyors are designed, which provide gentle handling and precise movement of the product, thereby minimizing damage.

Furthermore, a complete distribution system can be designed to better meter and direct product to needed destinations, significantly improving overall operational efficiency.

Processors that make this technology upgrade benefit immensely from PROEX FOOD expert consultation and efficient implementation of a system that not only ensures product integrity, but also boosts operational capacity / throughput.


The payback for these systems can be just a few months.

IQF Block Breakers & Cluster Busters


Post IQF goods, especially if stored for some time, tend to fuse together in some sort of cluster, or even worse, a large block. These clusters and blocks pose various challenges, ranging from downstream inefficiencies to significant equipment damage. This leads to production delays, repair costs, and decreased product quality. 


The team at PROEX FOOD Vibratory went in a new design direction, creating a complete block and cluster resolution system. For larger blocks, our engineers developed what we call a block breaker. This unit is a first-stage breaker that makes cluster sections small enough for the cluster buster. This helps ensure that jams and damage in the cluster buster is managed.

Second is the cluster buster itself. This specialized machine applies a set of adjustable rollers to break the remaining clusters of frozen product down into usable segments. These segments are then ready for feed to weighing and packing, QA, or whatever your next process step is.


The PROEX FOOD bock breaker and cluster buster can be integrated into a single unit. This saves you operational space and reduces transportation. This also helps keep the product frozen.


Multihead Weigher Infeed


Often, processors have either a belt or vibratory conveyor feed a multihead weigher directly. This often leads to uneven product dispersion across weigh hoppers / weight cells. The result is overload on some cells while others are under-filled. This causes a combination of speed inefficiencies with primary packaging and also a tendency to overfill more than desired to meet minimum weight requirements. You run slowly, and give away product without profit. 


PROEX FOOD engineers developed a product called a crosshead feeder. This machine combines our best-in-class vibratory conveyor technology with a circular discharge that is suspended above the multihead weigher.

The product is far more evenly discharged to the weigh hoppers / weigh cells. Speed to drop needed weight into packaging improves, as the multihead control system can send release commands more quickly. Also, as the cells are more evenly filled, this tends towards less minimum weight overfill. You are faster, and recovery at profit improves. 


We have installed vibratory systems with crosshead feeders into several lines, including for fresh applications. Correct, this technology works in many product applications, and has the same benefits across them. 

Grading & Sizing Conveyors


Many products, especially for food processors, vary greatly in size. Many of these products need to be grouped accordingly for further processing and/or packaging. Additionally, space limitations and a need to do this at an incline negate the use of roller graders or similar methods.


Combine transportation plus sorting/grading into a single unit, even at an incline. PROEX FOOD uses our vibratory conveyors combined with the grading system in a single unit. These grading conveyors are also equipped with quick-release clamps holding the screens. This allows operators to quickly change as needed for various products. It also allows for fast and easy access for your sanitation teams.


Like many solutions, you have a fast payback on your investment in the line. Also, since this is more compact, you reduce facility change needs.

Product Mixing


There are really two ways to mix product. You can either have a system that directly feeds a CCW style system, or you can do the mixing separately. The first can be difficult to get the desired proportions, and the second can add a lot of space and mechanical needs.


For lines where the mixing has to be performed in a CCW style, our conveyors and crosshead feeders can be designed and optimized to better spread product. You get the same method, with faster, more accurate output.

Alternately, we can mix your product separately and send the appropriate mix to packaging. This would be for applications where this would not occur within a washing phase.


Years of experience pay off for you. Our engineers have experience integrating these in real-world applications. You get the benefit of that experience, and an operation that is optimized quickly.

IQF / Fryer Infeed


Optimizing either cooking or freezing requires a continuous single layer of product. Without that, output product will be inconsistent, and your operation will suffer from inefficient machinery utilization. 

Secondarily, facilities are often short on the amount of space to address this with traditional / old methods. You need a compact solution that is still efficient. 


PROEX FOOD vibratory solutions are more compact than belt conveyors. The vibrating action also more evenly spreads product than it is possible for a belt conveyor to accomplish.

You send that greatly desired continuous single layer of product through your process. Your output is continuous, fast and consistent. 


Our vibratory technology is better equipped to handle the harsh environment of either a freezer or fryer. There is no belt to either crack or melt. Also, these units have far fewer wear parts to maintain.

Seasoning Systems


Producing snack foods, vegetable medleys or other seasoned products is getting more expensive, and end customers are feeling a pinch in their wallets. Plus, customers today expect consistency, and old methods are not.  

Additionally, your cost for spices and other flavorings are rising, and you need a way to maximize output at the same cost. You also don’t want to crush product into undesirable crumbles.


PROEX FOOD vibrating, seasoning drums are gentle on product and better at consistent application of product. Seasoning and product can be independently metered and speeds can be adjusted for various products across the same line. 

You produce perfect food, and can command a premium price.


This system is flexile and will accommodate everything from dry, powdered seasoning to slurries to oil-based coatings. Plus, we can configure your lines for multiple flavors or for a combination application of the previously noted seasoning styles.

Product Videos & High-Level Explanations

Here are the basics of the products. Remember, we customize many parts of these machines (including length and width plus tray style and finish styles) for your unique product and throughput / capacity needs. These are 23Hz, high-capacity machines built to last for many, many years. 

Gentle handling, and extremely beneficial distribution. The efficient performance of PROEX FOOD vibratory conveyors is vastly superior to belt conveyors. They also require near zero maintenance, they are exceedingly energy efficient and they offer unsurpassed hygiene.

Metering Conveyors

Don’t move product too fast or too slow; do it just right. These machines are perfect when you need to regulate product flow. This technology streamlines your processing flow, optimizes consistent downstream machine performance, and reduces your operational headaches. 

Send it through, the best way. 

May options for size, material finish, inclusions of particulate/fine screens, dewatering screens, and more. 

Laning conveyors

PROEX FOOD Engineers developed this technology to better align and gap corn and other vegetables for analysis. That could be manual, but of course is best when integrated with Industry 4.0 enabled scanning, sorting and QC systems.

PROEX FOOD usually uses this system with our proprietary iNTELLIPRO™ SCANNING SYSTEM.

It can also be modified for many other products.

Distribution System with Gates

PROEX FOOD has used this system on corn lines, and there are many use cases for this system. 

Move product, including at an incline, to other places. Meter automatically between multiheads or other packing systems for optimal efficiency and resource allocation. 

This method also keeps hoppers / bunkers fully primed and helps facilitate first in, first out movement. 

Block Breaker & Cluster Buster

Let’s just get this out of the way now: this style of system is very efficient, great at breaking product into chunks, and most importantly does not insert metal objects into the product (at risk of shearing).

These systems are flexible, offering uses for many post IQF products from frozen blocks or fruits and vegetables to proteins and more. 

You get smooth operation, and a greatly reduced risk of recalls and contamination. 

We offer a standalone cluster busters. Or, we can integrate a first stage block buster that performs first stage large block breaking to optimize the cluster buster operation.

Cross-Head Feeders for Multihead Weighing Systems

This video covers several steps, including metering. The special part is the final stage above the multihead. This system spreads out material better across this unit. As the buckets are more evenly filled, the individual weigh cells are better equipped to be precise in measurements.

That means you get a speed optimization, and also hit your minimum package quantity while mitigating the overfill needed to meet those requirements. 

Grading Conveyors

Automate your sorting, in a compact way.  This helps you remove small, unusable and/or broken pieces while allowing you to grade your product. Define with is oversized, undersized, or just right. 

You can also do this at an incline, unlike many other systems. 

IQF & Fryer Infeed

Create a continuous flow of a single layer or product. Helps both IQF and fryer machinery operate consistently. Also helps your product to avoid over/under treatment.

Plus, won’t melt or crack like a belt can. 


For those frozen processors, add that acceptable water weight. Also helps improve product appearance. 

Plus, the added insulation prolongs the products shelf-life.


The technology used can be put to more uses, such as inspection, spiral elevators, dewatering and much more. 

That’s why the best step you can take is to talk to our team. We are ready to help you realize the production facility of your dreams. 


PROEX FOOD project and design engineers collaborate with you. They will ask about your product characteristics, throughput / capacity, output types and more.

It’s all part of a process to design the best solution for your specific needs. The team at PROEX FOOD goes the extra mile to ensure you are optimized.

We also can project management the commissioning of your line, if you need it. Let’s talk more about why we are the best full-service OEM in the market for processing technologies. 

Daniel Ghadiri - President & CTO - ProEx Food
Daniel Ghadiri

Co-Founder, President & CTO

As CTO, Daniel oversees our entire Engineering and Delivery operations.

Daniel ran our Germany office while earning his PhD there. His doctorate is in Mechanical Engineering with an Innovation Focus to go with his Masters in International Project Engineering and Bachelors in Industrial Engineering.

Aaron Mett

Mechanical Design & Project Engineering

Aaron does a little bit of everything. He is deeply involved with our scanning, connected controls and robotics projects, and also helps with line design and commissioning.

Aaron has his degree in Mechanical Engineering from MSOE. He also has over a decade of fabrication and welding experience. 

Common Products

Here are some of our most common products within vibratory. We support all of the use cases listed above. As most product qualities and volumes vary from facility to facility, we design the right solution for your specific use case.