Washers are an absolutely key process for your fruit and vegetable processing line.  The vast majority of fruit and veg products, from fresh market to frozen to shelf-stable line, need to be properly washed… and possibly de-stoned. This is regardless of the output types, washers are not only important for food safety, but also for your yield prices.

Clean & Hygienic = $$

Your buyers and end consumers always look for the most visually pleasing options at the store. We have both primary and secondary washers for many fruits and vegetables, as well as packed goods and boxes/crates. In some applications, multiple washer stages with a de-stoner are recommended.

Here is our bubble washer with rinse for leafy green  / salad processing.


Based on your product type, your capacity/throughput and the condition in which you receive the product, we will identify the right washer solution for you. The models listed here cover our more common requests.

Let us know if you have a need that is not yet directly described nor depicted below. Often, your ideal solution just takes some modifications from our engineers to optimize for you.

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