To prevent damaging cobs, you want to have your equipment set so that some product needs to be grabbed and re-husked. This green ear sorting system uses a vision system and a robot to do it automatically.

Product Description

To maximize recovery of your sweet corn, you don’t want to be too aggressive with your husking operation. Yes, you need to remove that husk and silk, but you also need to maintain kernel integrity. This gives you the best yield and the highest prices in your finished product. This means finding the right balance of tilt and roll speed on your husker. It may also involve air and water. Seed, field conditions, moisture and many more factors are variable from one input load to the next, impacting how tight the husk is to the cob, individual cob diameter and more.

After balancing your processing and quality goals, you will have some cobs that exit the husker that need to go through that system again. Typically this is under 10% of your cobs, which indicates an optimized balance on the husker.

At this point, you could install an inspection conveyor and a staff up with a few employees to look for green, and to grab and throw these cobs down a chute to be re-cycled through the husker.

Or, you can put in a PROEX FOOD iNTELLIPRO™ GREEN EAR SORTING system. Yes, this is what we believe is the right solution for your line.

iNTELLIPRO™ Robotic Green Ear Sorting Build

The PROEX FOOD system uses a combination of a vision system (look for the color green), a delta robot (one or more, depending on your capacity) and an end-of-tool (multiple options) that is fully integrated with the rest of your line. The system automatically sees green cobs, and grabs them. They can be stacked, although a single layer is recommended. From there, the robot sends the cobs where they will be picked up by the re-cycling conveyor on your line.

The best part of this: the robot doesn’t get tired, rub its eyes, or gossip about their neighbors’ kids. That means it doesn’t miss cobs, which does still happen in a manual sorting line. It can also run whenever your processing line is operational – no overtime, holiday pay, etc. You can run when you want.

Green Ear Delta Robots

PROEX FOOD engineers have looked at your capacity and configuration, and have determined the right quantity of robots to enable this automation for your line.


There are considerations of your corn type, processing output style, available room, likelihood of stacking and more that went into our calculations on the right end-of-tool technology for your specific project.




Data collection and dashboards, traceability options, programmable maintenance alerts, simple online access to manuals and parts lists, remote assistance and service tickets. This performance product will continue to roll out new functions.*

Proper Automation

PROEX FOOD robotics are more accurate than the human eye, are focused on the job at all times, and run whenever you need them to.

We do have a video of an integration in action. Please contact our sales department to learn more.

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