Sweet corn husker rolls
PROEX FOOD Husker Rolls

Long-Lasting, Efficient Husker Rolls

For any sweet corn or seed corn operation. Several hardness / durometer options for both 1.5″ and 1.75″ husker shafts. Work on all major OEM huskers.

PROEX FOOD delivers everything you need for sweet corn and seed corn processing and packing. That includes the rolls that make up the ideal roll bed for your operation.

We are committed to delivering high-quality, proven rolls for your operation when you need them. Our rolls are built to last and tackle all corn types, whether you are already running a PROEX FOOD iNTELLIPRO™ HUSKER or have a different unit. We have several roll models in-stock today, and are able to ship quickly.

Sweet Corn

  • RDNLP Low profile grooves without blades, mainly for fresh-market / tray packed / vacuum packed
  • RDN Normal profile grooves without blades, primarily for kerneling / processed lines
  • RPC End rolls with 2 stainless blades for discharge
  • Just a couple examples here. Depending on your output, seed varietal, moisture levels and more, we can recommend other options.

Seed Corn

  • RDSC Grooved spiral without blades
  • RDC 1 Grooved spiral with 1 stainless blade
  • RDNC Grooved with 1 stainless blade
  • RDNC 3 Grooved with 3 stainless blades
  • RDC 3 Grooved spiral with 3 stainless blades
  • RDNC 1/4 75% grooved, 25% spiral with 1 stainless steel blade
  • RRC 2 Spirals with 2 stainless blades
  • Just a couple examples here. Depending on your output, seed varietal, moisture levels and more, we can recommend other options.


No two husker bed needs are alike. Our team will work with you to determine the right bed configuration for your corn. From tight husks, to different moisture contents, to silk removal – there are solutions for everything. 

Just let our team know if you have questions about your bed setup, or if you already know what you need.

Fresh Sweet Corn Experts

We know how important it is to mitigate any and all damage here. We are the global experts in fresh corn systems, both tray-packed and vacuum packed.

Processed Sweet Corn

Several of our engineers first worked at Hughes, which built many of the original machines. We know kernel, cobette and combination line needs.

Seed Corn Roll Options

Our roll partner started with building seed corn rolls for the South American market. Together, we know how to handle many seed, soil and other condition types.

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Mastergom Elastomers produce the finest rolls in the world. They are also able to produce many quickly, meaning we have been able to fulfill orders when you need them. 

We know that hasn’t been the case for others in the market, and we know how important it is to serve you rapidly. So, we partnered with the best so you, too, can get the benefit. 

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