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Automation gets thrown around as a buzzword these days, but ultimately it’s very simple: anything that replaces a manual task with a tool or machine that improves speed, capacity, quality, operating cost, and potentially headcount. Automation has been a part of food processing for decades, and we know it well.

But, just buying aging machines is no longer enough for most modern processors. Let’s face it, for years, many of you have struggled to fill positions, whether for year-round or seasonal operations. That started long before we ever heard COVID, and it’s going to be a problem for a long time.

That’s why we started pushing all-new, attainable, modern automaton solutions in the 2010’s. You need even better, fully integrated and digital-enabled machinery. You need more advanced, hygienic line design. You need sensors and data. You might even need robotics.

At PROEX FOOD, we do it all.  

Modern Equipment

The latest mechanical and digital technology ready to perform.


Fully integrated for both handling, processing & packaging with the right end-of-tool

Industry 4.0

Sensors, data collection, analysis, robotics and remote assistance.

Proper Engineering

Line design, technology selection, programming & integration.

When you’re ready and interested, it’s time to talk. No two solutions, timelines or budgets are alike. Our team knows your challenges, knows how to make sure you get a quick, beneficial return on your investment, and how to optimize it.  All we need as of now is to start the discussion.

If anyone is telling you they can quote out this important of a project without really collaborating with you, beware. Ask yourself if they are treating you and your needs with the respect they deserve.  


Most importantly, we offer several tiers to automation. We work with several of our customers to put a multi-phase, multi-year incremental upgrade plan in place.  This allows you to acquire technology with reasonable payback, and to see the rewards as you go.

Focal Areas

Simply, iNTELLIPRO is the mark of modern equipment and functionality for processors. 

  • iNTELLIPRO™ CONNECT Industry 4.0 Connectivity, Analysis, Collaboration and Optimization Hub
  • Task & System Sensors
  • Throughput Monitoring
  • IoT Gateways / Enabled Control Systems
  • RFID & Barcode Scanning
  • Data Management Software

PROEX FOOD works with the largest robotics and control hardware manufacturers in the world, and deliver fully-integrated solutions for many processing and packing operations.

  • Product Handling
  • Post-Scan Grading and Sorting
  • Cob Saw Loading Automation
  • Green Ear Sorting
  • Primary Packaging
  • Case Packing
  • Palletizing
  • iNTELLIPRO™ SCANNING Deep-Scan Imaging and Algorithmic Analysis
  • Optical Camera Imaging
  • Metal Detection
  • Pre-Processing Grading & Sorting
  • Internal and External Defect Identification
  • More
  • Orientation & Alignment
  • Picking & Placement
  • Process / Task Transitions
  • Conveyors and Throughput
  • Post-Processing Defect Detection
  • Alignment & Collating
  • Conveying, Dosing & Loading
  • Sorting & Weighing
  • High-Speed, Multi-Format Packers
  • Labelling
  • Crate Washing & Loading
  • Crate Packing & Palletizing
  • Automated Transportation
  • Elevators