Our sweet corn huskers are perfect for fresh market, frozen and shelf-stable (canned / jarred) applications. Maintain the quality of your products without the need to staff up for slow, manual operation.

Huskers are typically the first or second piece of equipment for a new fresh market operator, and are always used in frozen and shelf-stable lines.


There are many ways people talk about huskers, such as:

  • Sweet Corn Husker
  • Corn Sheller
  • Corn Shucker
  • Corn Peeler

However you look at it, huskers remove the outer sheath / protective casing from the ear of corn, along with the corn silk.  There are multiple capacities, depending on if you are looking for fresh market or frozen / shelf-stable applications

All the Same

No.  Our founders met at Hughes Equipment, the first company to globalize automatic husker technology. This equipment is in-used around the world for corn processors. We know corn lines, husker technology, and what works for you.

Additionally, configurations are specific.  You absolutely wouldn’t use a seed corn husker for an edible product.  Also, fresh market huskers are configured specifically for those outputs and the kinds of roller beds needed for them.

Take a look at our main husker models here, which are available in multiple capacity.

While we don’t promote them, we can support seed corn operators, especially when looking for rollers, shafts and bearings for those configurations.

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