Increase your throughput by 15-25%* without adding any labor or utility costs. Have more intelligence for price negotiations. Add another dimension to your product to set you apart from your competition.

Product Description

How would you like to scan, grade and sort corn cobs coming into your facility before spending any time on cooling, husking or processing in other ways? Want to do this at your cooling house before paying for trucking and other transportation? Ready to increase throughput by up to 15-25%* without adding any labor or utility costs?

Of course you do.

The PROEX FOOD iNTELLIPRO® SCANNING SYSTEM is our patent-pending solution, enabling you to achieve profitability at a whole new level. We spent over four years developing this fully-integrated hardware and software solution to become the only corn equipment OEM and technology integrator in the world ready to solve this problem, with a tested and ready package.

Our system allows you to detect and properly identify everything from grub, worm and smut damage to tip blanking to kernel inconsistencies and more. Need to know if there is animal damage, mechanical damage, or other issues? Want to grade each cob for length and diameter, and determine if each can be used for tray packing, cobettes or other applications? Yes, this system does that.  Before you spend the time and money to husk it.  And it does it automatically.

As a bonus, have indisputable intelligence about the quality and recovery of your product, and the ability to better negotiate with your customers based on actual yield. Yes.


The PROEX FOOD iNTELLIPRO® SCANNING SYSTEM combines our in-house four-stage vibratory conveyor laning with x-ray technology, PROEX FOOD proprietary software, and two main options for post-assessment treatment of your cobs. It’s the whole package.

PROEX FOOD Vibratory Laning SystemOur efficient, easy-to-clean four-stage cob laning system. This electromagnetic shaker conveyor properly distributes infeed cobs to the proper lanes. It also creates the necessary gaps between each cob for proper scanning and analysis.
X-Ray ModulePROEX FOOD partnered with Wipotec, a leading x-ray and optical manufacturer based out of Germany, with global support. This is the only scanning technology for sweet corn and several other products capable of determining non-visible defects.
iNTELLIPRO® SCANNING softwarePROEX FOOD spent over four years developing the software to properly identify common defects identified during the scan. We are the only company in the world with a proven system that is ready to identify grub and worm damage, blanking, maturity, inconsistency and more. Plus, this data can be fed to robotic saw loading to perform this function without the need to add additional vision technology.

Output Integrations

Once all of your cobs are scanned and graded, there are two main options:

Robotic Cob Saw LoadingThis optional integration enables you to fully automate saw loading for your fresh corn line. It is more accurate than the human eye, and performs consistently and hygienically, whenever you are running your line. We designed our iNTELLIPRO® SAW specifically to be ready for this integration.
Additional Post-Scan OptionsWe can adapt this system to integrate with other post-scan process and systems, as needed. This often includes mechanical sorting to conveyors for up to 4 grades. Let’s talk about what would help you the most, and make it happen.

Ready to Discuss Further?

Excellent – you’ve made the right choice!  There is much more this system can do – we don’t list it all here. Let’s talk.  You can email us at, or reach us through the contact form, information bot or phone numbers on our site. We can’t wait to put this in your corn processing facility.

*Estimated through calculations with PROEX FOOD customers.

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