Conveyors & Platforms

Our conveyor and platform solutions are most commonly manufactured in the United States and Europe, while our global network enables ProEx Food to source the right equipment for you from the manufacturing location and build quality that best matches your specifications and requirements.

Food-Grade Conveyors

  • We provide conveyors for all product movement in your plant
  • ProEx Food has you covered with single lane, multi-lane and decked conveyors
  • We integrate with and supply diverters to move between systems
  • Our conveyors are built to high standards, helping with uptime and hygiene

Conveyor Controls

  • Individual section stops for manual removal
  • Continuous operation with rejected material diversion
  • Leveling / raising and lowering
  • Defect and foreign material processes


  • Our food processing platforms help create optimal working conditions
  • Our platforms reduce product loss and can be used within existing or separate processes
  • ProEx Food platform designs are continuously refined so that you receive flexible equipment ready for ever-changing needs
Structure Material Standards
  • 304 Stainless Steel Standard
    • Frames and most basins
    • Sandblasted finish
  • 316 stainless upgrade options
  • Plastic only where it is best
Hygienic Design
  • Continuous TIG welds
  • Simple access
  • Made with cleaning in mind
  • Tool-less access upgrade options
Food-Grade Belts
  • Typically tensioned, endless
  • Blue and white urethane
  • Simple cleaning and replacement

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