Robotics Specifically For Food Processors

Product Handling

PROEX FOOD iNTELLIPRO™ ROBOTICS are the reliable, accurate never-tiring productivity booster for processors. We have developed solutions for product handling, aligning / orientating and more.


Robotics started with heavy-load tasks, and have evolved for here. We go further. We cover everything from primary packaging to case packing to palletizing. Every solution you need.

Full-Service Integration

PROEX FOOD has partnered with two of the most respected global providers to deliver reliable, fully integrated, high-performing solutions within our iNTELLIPRO™ ROBOTICS installations.

Not only are we commercially able to sell you FANUC and Rockwell Automation / Allen-Bradley products, we worked directly with these companies when we developed our PROEX FOOD iNTELLIPRO™ ROBOTICS products. That means we combined our engineers’ decades of fruit and vegetable machinery, and line installs with some of the premier robotics and controls providers in the world.

You get the result of that collaboration: intelligent products for modern processing professionals, ready for integration into your line.


PROEX FOOD works with some of the largest robotic and end-of-tool manufacturers in the world. We work to ensure that your solution uses the right technology for your application and that lead times work for your project timelines. 

Most importantly, this enables parts and other support for you, wherever your facility is located. We offer everything from deltas to 6-axes cobots – always the right tech for your unique process.


Even the best mechanicals require the right controls to optimize their operation. This varies a bit based on the hardware used and any system preferences you may have. 

Where it really stands out is for optimizing load distribution, and making sure your system is programmed correctly. PROEX FOOD is an integration partner for some of the most well-known controls systems in the world. You get a line that outperforms your competition.


PROEX FOOD is one of the very unique organizations that can deliver all of this from one source. Where else can you find engineers that can help you build out a 30-ton sweet corn kerneling line and then show how to automate the case packing?

PROEX FOOD prides itself on being your one-stop-shop. If we need help, we collaborate with the robotics and controls suppliers’ staff, not another 3rd party. This helps you reduce both time and cost to realizing the plant of your dreams.

While we have wonderful relationships with these technology OEMs, PROEX FOOD will ultimately work with you to select and integrate the right technology for your project. We have also worked with Codian, Delta, Siemens, Schneider and others.

Robotic Technology Examples

Here are a few of the robotics technologies we have available, including some integrations we have developed and installed. PROEX FOOD Engineers are ready to tackle your automation needs with modern, reliable technologies.