Trusted OEM

It all starts with the equipment. At our core, we are the premier Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for fruit and vegetable processing machinery. We design, manufacture and deliver best-in-class mechanical equipment. We proudly manufacture our class-leading iNTELLIPRO® HUSKER and our iNTELLIPRO® SAW for sweet and seed corn processors. We also manufacture our modern, efficient, PROEX FOOD Vibratory Conveyor Systems and many, many more PROEX FOOD equipment solutions.

All processing and packing equipment is an automation solution. It replaces manual tasks with machinery that improves speed, scaleability, safety and quality.

Ours is just better.

Industry 4.0

At PROEX FOOD, our modern equipment has been designed and engineered within the 21st century. It is rugged, it is dependable, and it is safe. 

Plus, PROEX FOOD is putting more and more IoT and digital, connected technology into our equipment solutions. When you have us implement our machinery technology into a turnkey line, you achieve productivity beyond your wildest dreams.


Plus, this technology prepares you for traceability and other regulatory principles that are rapidly being enforced. Be ready.


The sad fact of the matter is many other solutions in the industry have been cheapened over time.

Poor material quality and ways to simply reduce the amount of material used have been the focus of too many others. You’d be shocked and appalled by how many other providers’ machines need to be full rebuilt or replaced after far too short of a lifecycle. 

Not here. PROEX FOOD builds our equipment to the highest spec. 304 stainless is by far our most used. 

This equipment lasts for years, not one or two seasons. 


PROEX FOOD is a global technology, and we are quickly expanding our service and parts support.

We have warehouses in the US, Europe and the UK. We are adding more inventory and personnel, and are committed to helping our customers maintain uptime.

Also, our parts solutions are made to the OEM spec. Period.

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