The ProEx Food Gesamtnutzung Initiative

In a celebration of our domain knowledge in lean manufacturing operations and our German-trained engineering group, ProEx Food is launching our Gesamtnutzung Initiative. This design and execution principle ensures that our customers are achieving the highest levels of utilization and yield possible, across output types. You may be asking, what does that mean for me?  […]

Post-Harvest Leafy Green Processing & Packaging

Post-harvest infeed and automated processing through case packing Leafy vegetable washer with water recapture and recycling, plus kill step options Multiple non-wilting dryer / de-watering options Our leafy green washing and vibratory de-watering systems have been in market for some time. Over the last year or so, more have asked us to further remove post-harvest […]

Free Consultation for New Customers

Try Us Out Our engineering team wants to show you how committed we are to excellence. Try us out – schedule a free 45-minute discussion. Tell us about your plan, products and headaches, and we can give you a couple high-level recommendations. You can decide how you want to proceed from there. Schedule YOur Free […]

2021 and Beyond for Fruit and Vegetable Processors

We recently sat down with Jason Culotta of the Midwest Food Products Association to discuss the state of affairs for members.  ProEx Food is an associate member of the group. Here’s the episode: Ongoing Issues Food processors have two main issues they face every year, that are accelerating in the age of COVID. These are […]

Traceability and Digital Transformation for Fresh, Frozen & Shelf-Stable Produce

While the meat, poultry, dairy and RTE markets have had to take action for traceability and food safety, fruits and vegetable processors have largely lagged behind. Certain categories, especially leafy greens and similar commonly consumed raw products, have been forced to adapt tracing protocols. This is especially those that felt the actual impact of recalls […]

Sustainability is Multi-Faceted, and Poised to Accelerate

There is a lot more to it than packaging. It has been a while since sustainability has been front and center. This year, around the world, consumers quickly shed concerns about waste, especially packaging waste, to the wayside. With unknowns, many flocked to robustly packaged goods. Frozen and shelf stable food (canned / jarred) sales […]

Good News Fruit & Vegetable Market Signals Good Times Ahead

Yes, it’s time for good news, and it really is good: people are eating more fruits and vegetables. Even more than last year. As great as that is, what does it mean for food processors, especially those in fruit and vegetable? Well, it means the market is growing… yes, even in 2020. It also means […]

Check Out Our New Podcast!

We have so much to say about food processing, especially fruit and vegetables and our specialty of sweet corn, that we started a podcast. Number one is up, talking about the foundations of our company: Why Ross (CEO) and Daniel (CTO) left a traditional manufacturer to set out on a new customer-centric path. We discuss […]

Is Your Investment Strategy Set for 2021?

Here at ProEx Food, our culture and delivery outcomes are orientated around enabling you and your produce processing / packing business. We help you strategize how to increase your capacity and throughput, help you pivot to and/or add new product categories to your operation, help you solve for your operational problems, and help you solve […]

Multi-Function Line Solutions Offer Flexibility

Over the last year or so, we’ve had more and more requests for flexible lines, capable of handing more than one product with little changeover through a multi-function line. Sometimes, this is due to a combined/mixed final output and a mutual output timing desire due to a freshness requirements. Other times, it is due to […]