Autoclaves & Retorts

For full / turnkey lines, we will include autoclaves / retorts as part of our package, as needed. ProEx Food has partnered with innovators in sterilization, conservation and pasteurization technology from our global partner solution portfolio. 

Pasteurization and sterilization are useful for all types of packaged products and designed for all kinds of packaging types. Our autoclaves / retorts  can be integrated in many infrastructure configurations and are designed to better protect the environment by using less water / steam and electricity.

Widely Applicable

These units are no longer just for shelf-stable applications.  Many vacuum-packed fresh market applications, such as sweet corn and potatoes, now take advantage of this technology.

Improve product safety and extent shelf life by applying the right autoclave / retort to your line – we’re here to help you optimize.


When we know your needs, we will identify the right autoclave / retort solution for your line. Just let us know your products, output styles and capacities for the line you need, and we will package the entire project up for you.

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