Autoclave – Vector Series

Product Description

Our autoclaves / retorts are offered as part of our complete line services. Depending on your products, outputs and your plant location, our engineers will recommend the right solutions for you.  Here is one of the more commonly applied series.

The vector series is excellent for vegetable applications.  It uses a combination of pressure and heat to prepare your products, both for shelf-stable / canned and also some fresh market needs. This is also commonly used in ready-to-eat and similar prepared food lines.


The system maximizes heat transfer to each product container.  The result is:

  • Decreased processing times
  • Control and guaranty of the Fo
  • Homogeneity (cold spots are avoided)
  • Repeatability of the process

Technology Features

The different technologies used allow this autoclave to adapted to the requirements of the product regardless of the package and its format (metal, glass, plastic, flexible packaging, etc.)

Depending on the type of package, we can use any of these features:

  • Top shower spray
  • Top and side shower spray
  • Mixed steam/air
  • Saturated steam


We will work in integrate the controls and software of your autoclave with the rest of your line.  For this particular model, the unit controls offers:

  • Real-time display of the process
  • Elements of the autoclave
  • Process status
  • Programming and recipe management
  • User management
    • Role-based access levels
    • Password protection.
  • Remote connection
  • Exportation of data in formats


We will work with you to determine the right configuration depending on your products, capacities, and regulatory requirements.