Processing Equipment

Our fruit and vegetable processing equipment is engineered to operate efficiently, use the least amount of resources as possible, and deliver high-quality goods.  This is also what is typically a part of our complete line solutions.

Built to Last

Typically made form 304 stainless and food-grade materials for all points that interact with your product, they are built to last.

Technology & Traceability

Increasingly, our fruit and vegetable processing equipment is also equipped with sensors and next generation controls.  These allow for optimal integration with your line. They also enable you to more accurately track your process efficiencies.

These systems are becoming increasingly important for traceability for your fruit and vegetable processing lines.


Automation can be a fully-robotic line, but it doesn’t usually start there. The first level is the equipment, and the goal to improve speed and output of individual process steps.

That’s where our equipment comes in.  Certain tasks simply need to have a machine do the work, for speed and scalability, food safety, and precision.


Items here are grouped by process, and many of these will also appear under our complete line list. Our solutions are also not limited to these, and will will identify and procure other equipment and technologies as best for your needs.

That’s why, even for an equipment request, we will ask you about your needs. This helps our engineers assess your needs, and if there may be a better solution for you.