Many processors have some levels of automation for packing and measuring results. But, not all solutions are equal. A PROEX FOOD Cross-Head Feeder helps in speed, accuracy and profitability.


Multihead weighers utilize multiple weigh heads to accurately measure products by calculating the weight in each head. Each weigh head is equipped with a precise load cell. The weighing process begins when the product is introduced into the top of the multihead weigher. Ensuring optimal product flow to the dispersion table is crucial to maximize the accuracy of the weighing process.

The industry currently employs two feed systems for the dispersion table: vibratory and belt conveyors. Directly feeding a multihead weigher with a belt conveyor poses several issues, including uneven product dispersion across all weigh hoppers, negatively impacting overall efficiency. Belt conveyors lack responsiveness in evenly distributing surges of mass product when the dispersion table is full. This leads to overfeeding the multihead weigher, compromising its ability to provide accurate measurements and resulting in significant product giveaway.


One of our Vibratory Solutions Group’s Customers faced challenges when using a belt conveyor to feed their multi-head weigher, specifically for their costly almond products. They were only achieving a weight accuracy of 83%, leading to significant product giveaway.

This meant they were quite literally giving away product and profits to make minimum weight requirements.

Our Solution:

To improve production efficiency, our team installed a vibratory cross-head feeder, equipped with a specially designed circular discharge.

This circular discharge design of the cross-head feeder provides a perfect 360-degree feed to the dispersion table on top of the multihead weigher. The system, when integrated properly, enables the packaging system software to execute the ideal algorithm across its weigh cells / buckets. The cross-head system synchronizes infeed speed to the multi head weigher by tracking run times and automatically adjusting the conveyor speed accordingly. This innovative system ensured an even and centralized feed to the multi-head weigher, enabling all pockets on the weigher to be filled uniformly and operate at maximum capacity.


By replacing their old belt conveyor with a cross-head feeder conveyor, the customer experienced remarkable improvements. Their weight accuracy rose from the initial 83% achieved by the belt conveyor to an impressive 97%. This significant increase in accuracy not only reduced product giveaway, but also resulted in a return on investment (ROI) of just 6 weeks.

This case study showcases how a PROEX FOOD Vibratory advanced feeding solution, such as our cross-head feeder, can greatly enhance accuracy and efficiency for high-value products like almonds, providing tangible benefits for our customers.

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