At the Root of it All - Processing & Packing Automation

We know potatoes, sweet potatoes, beets, carrots, onions and everything in between. We have equipment and line solutions for fresh market, vacuum-packed, frozen and fries / fried applications

Fresh Market

Brush Polished

Vacuum Packed

Whole or Sliced


Whole, Cut or Sliced



Root vegetables are gaining popularity, especially in value-add scenarios. We know them well, and how to wash/destone, polish, peel, slice and transform them into the product you need. We will also integrate through case packing and palletizing. Roots are hearty and heavy, and need the right equipment, tech and design to take you to the net level. 

All The Equipment You Need

We’re especially proud of our low-water use brush / abrasive / carborundum peeler.  Quick look at that:


Custom Layouts

We custom-build layouts specific to your needs. Short on space? Want to have more than one process occur within a line? Looking for more technology to be adopted? Let us know your needs, capacities, timelines and budgets. We'll make sure your receive and optmized line with an attracive ROI.