Equipment & Automation Solutions

PROEX FOOD® is a global technology company focused on providing the latest processing, packaging and vibratory conveyor solutions for manufacturers, with an emphasis on serving pack houses in the fruit and vegetable industry.

It all starts with the equipment. At our core, we are the premier Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for fruit and vegetable processing machinery. We design, manufacture and deliver best-in-class mechanical equipment. We proudly manufacture our class-leading iNTELLIPRO® HUSKER and our iNTELLIPRO® SAW for sweet and seed corn processors. We also manufacture our modern, efficient, PROEX FOOD Vibratory Conveyor Systems and many, many more PROEX FOOD equipment solutions.

Using the combined strength of our in-house equipment and additional mechanical and technical offerings from our global technology network, we deliver modern, integrated, turnkey processing and packing lines around the world. 

We are post-harvest automation specialists.

Our Mission

We are your one-stop-shop for processing & packaging equipment, vibratory conveyors & distribution systems, in-house design engineering, robotics, digital technology, line integration & control systems, commissioning, training, and aftersales spare parts and service support.

PROEX FOOD® modern machinery, and our integrated automation solutions deliver high levels of throughput and product quality while reducing your labor needs.

Our installations are durable; built to withstand years of use in a production line and wash down environment.

Our lines are also connected capable, ready to deliver Industry 4.0 data aggregation, analysis and more for your facility through our iNTELLIPRO® CONNECT platform.



Reduce your dependency on expensive, unreliable, difficult to find labor


Our solutions are safe for your operators and very hygienic for your product & buyers


Our solutions are fully integrated and offer our iNTELLIPRO™ CONNECT platform


Each project is unique, and we work with you to develop your ideal, custom solution

Attractive ROIs

Our team sets a goal of a two (2) year or less payback on your investment

Countries Served
Delivered Capital Projects
Average ROI in Years

Primary Commodities Served

PROEX FOOD serves all food manufacturers and also has vibratory conveyor / shaker solutions that cross into many more commodities and products.

At our core, we are market leaders for fruit and vegetable processing equipment and line solutions.

Here are our focus areas, where we have the most history of customer projects.

PROEX FOOD sweet corn processing lines and equipment

Sweet Corn & Seed Corn

PROEX FOOD is the market leader for fresh market sweet corn lines (tip & tail cut, tray packed or vacuum packed). We also have decades of experience with IQF (frozen) & shelf-stable (canned) corn lines. Our huskers also have models for seed corn operations. We have turnkey lines, equipment, and even husker rolls / roll bed support.

Corn Processing Lines

PROEX FOOD potato and root crop processing lines

Potato & Root Crops

Recent installations have focussed on fresh-peeled and cut operations that present a hand-crafted look. We have fresh-market, fresh-cut, vacuum-packed and IQF solutions for potatoes, carrots, red beets, onions and many other root crops. From peeling to optical sorting, slicing, dicing and more, we are ready to integrate your line.

Potato & Root Crop Processing Lines

PROEX FOOD green bean processing lines

Green Beans / Snap Beans

We've got it all, from air cleaners through cluster busters, snippers, washers, sorters, cutters and more. Plus, we have the technical knowledge to integrate it all.

Green Bean Processing Lines

PROEX FOOD pea lines


Here's a little secret: an IQF or canned pea line is the same as a IQF or canned sweet corn kernel line. Let's double your product options and automate this for your operation.

Pea Processing Lines

PROEX FOOD lettuce and leafy green lines

Lettuce & Leafy Greens

Lettuces, salads and more. Whether field grown, hydroponically farmed or within a vertical farm, we have harvesting through packaging solutions, plus equipment for product and container/raft cleaning.

Lettuce & Leafy Green Processing Lines

PROEX FOOD fresh-cut fruit and vegetable lines

Fresh-Cut Fruits & Vegetables

One of the fastest growing categories. Washed, peeled, cored, sliced/diced and packed for foodservice, retail and other clients. Time to automate, no more rooms of tables and knives.

Fresh-Cut Fruit & Vegetable Processing Lines

Our Robotic offerings are intelligent integrations for modern processing professionals, ready for your line.

Whether you need general pick and place, sorting and grading, tray packing, case packing, palletizing or more, PROEX FOOD iNTELLIPRO® ROBOTICS are the right solution for you.

We work with the top hardware, control systems and gripper / end-of-tool manufacturers in the world. You get labor savings, the most hygienic options possible, and a break from worker compensation concerns. 

PROEX FOOD Vibratory Shaker Conveyors and Vibratory Distribution Systems better manage product load and transit vs the triangle load you typically see on belt conveyors. Vibratory shaker systems are also longer lasting, have very few wear parts and are uniquely energy efficient. They are also the best option for wash-down environments, as many vibratory drives are IP69 rated.

Vibratory shaker conveyors and distribution solutions are ideal for general conveying, dosing, multihead infeed optimization, cluster busting and much more. 

You will not find a more efficient, long lasting, hygienic solution anywhere.

Our Vibratory solutions work for many manufactures, from fruits, vegetables and berries, to meats and poultry, to pet foods, to pharmaceuticals, to snack foods, confections and more. 


PROEX FOOD is your one-stop shop for your processing and packaging automation project.

We do it all, and focus our efforts on your specific, unique needs.

PROEX FOOD Modern, Hygienic Processing Equipment
PROEX FOOD connected, intelligent control systems
PROEX FOOD design engineering for turnkey processing and packing lines
Design Engineering
PROEX FOOD scanning systems for optimal quality and capacity
iNTELLIPRO™ CONNECT for Industry 4.0 Functionality
Industry 4.0
PROEX FOOD fully integrates your processing and packing lines for optimal performance and simplicity
PROEX FOOD supports our customers for years to come with quality spare parts
Parts & Service
Capacity Unleashed

Hear it straight from one of our customers. 

We helped Lunys automate their line, and increase their capacity. Plus, we integrated our iNTELLIPRO™ CONNECT platform on the line. 

Now, their production team has alerts for maintenance needs and easy access to manuals and process steps.

Plus, their management team has insight into daily production output and an ability an analyze their data through custom dashboards.


Digital Intelligence

Many of our customers came to us looking for an Industry 4.0 platform that the could afford, and implement without a dedicated IT team. 

So, we developed iNTELLIPRO™ CONNECT. Data aggregation, cloud hosting, analysis, maintenance alerts, document repository, custom production dashboards and more.

Let’s talk about your needs for data and traceability, and customize your solution for your specific needs and KPIs.

Our Podcast

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PROEX FOOD follows a process to help optimize your line solution
Our Process

Processing lines are custom. 

Your product conditions, input capacities, output styles, space and more all factor into decisions on the equipment used and integration methods. 

Our team knows common obstacles and how to make sure you don’t run into them. We ensure success from day one on every line we install, by first applying our Optimization Process.  


We’re global. 

We have manufacturing capacity in the US, UK, Europe and South America for our machinery and solutions.

Our engineering, sales and operations offices are in the US, UK, Spain and Poland, supporting customers around the world.

PROEX FOOD® is a US-Based Company with Global Manufacturing and Support

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