Our leafy green washing and vibratory de-watering systems have been in market for some time. Over the last year or so, more have asked us to further remove post-harvest labor and reduce human touches to help efficiently scale operations and mWe have solutions for leafy greens from brassicas to lettuce to migrgreensitigate contamination and recalls. Also, automation helps in traceability measures.

In response, we’ve integrated additional technologies into our portfolio. Our lines reduce labor and physical interaction all the way from post-harvest through case packing. This includes infeed, washing, drying / de-watering, cutting, clamshell fillers, vertical baggers and flow wrappers, metal detectors and case packing, with some robotic functions.

Automated Line

We have added additional automation options to our leafy green line package. These lines and equipment include options for head lettuce, leafy greens and microgreens.


Line infeed and regulation for leafy greens

Part of this is due to requests from vertical and hydroponic leafy green growers, on top of traditional field growers. Plenty of controlled environment facilities automate growing operations, yet a significant amount still rely on manual harvesting and post-harvest processing. By applying our solutions, a crew of 25 or more can often be reduced to 2, depending on scale. Additionally, many of facilities realize that, regardless of the growing environment, there is still a need to properly wash and dry product. These customers stress the importance of reducing water consumption, not only during the growing process, but during post-harvest functions.


Today, traditional, vertical and hydroponic all have rapidly evolving needs, so we have added tumbling drums, water capture and recirculation options to several of our washers, including our leafy green models. This complete washing system, even though it is relatively compact, gently washes leafy products, filters out and removes waste and can cycle used water through particulate filters, dosing and/or additive enrichment processes in a closed system. All of these functions are tightly integrated and controlled as a holistic system.


De-watering shaker for fruits and vegetables after washing


In many traditional lines, vibratory de-watering shakers or centrifuge dryers are utilized. However, the ProEx Food R&D group has a new cooling and drying system in development. We recognize a need to help manage the effects of environmental temperature and humidity fluctuations on the end product. Some processors have also requested lines that further reduce moisture at this stage, beyond typical market offerings. Combined, our Cool Dry System addresses these needs and reduces wilting and spoilage – extending the shelf life for lettuce heads and bagged greens.

More information about this line can be found here: https://proexfood.com/category/complete-line-solutions/leafy-green-line/



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ProEx Food, LLC is the premier engineering, equipment, integration, automation and installation provider for fruit & vegetable processors. Headquartered in Milwaukee, WI, USA with European operations in Düsseldorf, Germany and manufacturing partners in the US and Europe, ProEx Food, LLC delivers best-in-class solutions for food production operators globally.  ProEx Food, LCC focusses on bringing automation benefits to the company’s clients in terms of equipment, robotics and integrated control systems to reduce labor and increase food safety.

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