Control Systems

ProEx Food has several control system options, ranging from single machine VFDs to centralized, integrated HMI systems with remote connectivity options.

ProEx Food works with you to integrate your equipment and systems in the best manner for you.

Connected Systems

Take complete control with connected, remote access.  Our next-gen controls are made to connect with common architectures across most system providers.

Integrating these allow you to bring up a 360-degree view of your operation, no matter where you are.  This level of accessibility and convenience allows you to reduce labor normally required to monitor and coordinate systems.  When you are integrated, you have peace of mind to tackle the other important tasks in your day, and reduce the time spent agonizing on oversight.

These controls can manage your entire line from a central location. They are also ready for sensor arrays for traceability requirements. Remote access and control options are ready for you.

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