Packaging automation is one of the most commonly known application for food processors, although much today still requires human hands to execute – and that’s the big problem.  It is getting to be difficult for you to find reliable labor to meet your staffing needs, and the regulatory requirements in your markets require your operational processes to evolve and adhere to changing, yet exacting standards.  You also want to eradicate your product recalls due to any type of quality issue and/or contamination.

Types of Packaging

we often work to determine the right mix of packaging technologies for your product and your operating region. Our job is to bring it all together, and integrated it for you.  Even for fresh market / fresh cut applications.

Packaging options include, but are not limited to:

  • Primary Packaging
    • Bulk / Octobins
    • Cartoning
    • Flow Wrappers
    • Form and Seal
    • Thermoformers
    • Tray Packs
    • Vertical Baggers
    • and more
  • Secondary Packaging
    • Case Packing
    • Palletizing

Integrating Your Packaging

Packaging technologies and equipment can be included as part of your complete, integrated post-harvest processing line. Integrated lines are thoroughly designed and optimized so that you retain the quality of your products and maintain the integrity of your packaging without the worry about sourcing, training, re-training or retaining personnel. Partnering with ProEx Food for your Integrated Automation Solutions will help you to increase the safety in your Processing and Packaging Lines and reduce your labor cost in terms of headcount reduction.  We go out of our way to ensure you remove these barriers to operational excellence, while helping you to quickly realize the return on your investment.


A place ProEx Food shines is with integrating our proprietary robotics with your packaging process.  Even for fresh market / fresh cut, we can automate your steps, and further reduce the risk of contamination for your completed products.


There are many packaging products that may fit, so we don’t list them individually. Knowing your product, operating region, and needs – our team will identify and integrate the right solution for you.

Just let us know what you need to accomplish, we’ll take care of the rest.

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