Multihead Weigher Integration

Fully integrated multihead weighing systems – faster, more accurate and more hygienic than manual… by far.

Product Description

Yes, PROEX FOOD is also your place to go for packaging system integration. We have delivered several systems to add this level of automation, hygiene and precision to processing and packing lines.

In this particular multihead weigher example, we show a little behind the scenes of a 2022 sweet corn cobette / medallion packaging integration. PROEX FOOD engineers designed a custom transportation system to go with a metering feeder to the multihead. We also designed other PROEX FOOD exclusive transport systems that we don’t show here.

You get the right solution with the right technology for your line. While a multihead weigher integration can help you automate everything from corn to leafy green / lettuce / salad packing to IQF vegetables and many more. We will work with you to determine the right solution for your product and packaging needs, and fully integrate it to work with your processing line(s).

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