More and more fruit and vegetable products are combined by mixers. This could be for everything from a frozen / canned vegetable medley to toppings for a salad.

The needs are changing often – as consumers look for gently / lightly processed foods to introduce to their meals.

Leafy Green Mixers

Leafy green / salad mixes are typically performed as part of a washing process, where the proportions of product are input as desired into the tank.  However, there are paddle and similar mixer technologies for products if they do need to be mixed post washing.

Frozen Mixers

Frozen medleys and similar are typically combined after each product is cut and frozen in an IQF tunnel.  In this case, processors need solutions to combine product in right ratio after the fact.  Our frozen mixer was designed for multi-product frozen lines, and is versatile.


Products are often different and have their own needs.  We highlight a couple options here, and our team is adept at creating valuable solutions for our customers, when they know the products that need to be mixed.  Let us know what you need.

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