Fruit & Vegetable Mixer

Our frozen fruit & vegetable mixing system is efficient and accurate. It can be combined with our other equipment and controls to form a complete line.

Product Description

We know how important it is to accurately and consistently mix products according to your recipe. Our fruit & vegetable mixing systems are designed specifically for those applications, and can be combined with our other equipment and controls to form a complete line.

Containers of your n product are delivered to the tipper/dumper. After dumping, your product enters a special product infeed that is is equipped with a cluster buster. This eliminates any clusters in the raw material, creating consistently loose product.

Unit manufacturing configuration is optimized for your needs and requirements. Modular design, solution customization and  standardization, spare parts availability and experience in this type of installation is what makes ProEx Food stand out as the premier integrator for fruit and vegetable processors.

Our customer-centric approach to our products and services, savvy engineers, global production capability and experienced staff help ensure that you receive the right solution for your needs. This also helps ensure a timely return on your investment, and quickly realized gains in operational efficiency.

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