Optimize Your Production with Advanced Processing Lines

Streamline Your Post-Harvest Processing & Packing Operations with Tailored Solutions for Sweet Corn, Green Beans, Potatoes, and More

iNTELLIPRO CONNECT line overview

Our Turnkey Services

At PROEX FOOD, we specialize in providing comprehensive turnkey line solutions tailored to a wide range of agricultural produce. Whether you’re processing sweet corn, seed corn, green beans, potatoes, root crops, lettuce and leafy greens, peas, or fresh-cut fruits and vegetables, our cutting-edge processing lines are designed to enhance efficiency, reduce waste, and increase profitability.

We blend best-in-class equipment with in-house design engineering and options for many modern technologies. Our development in everything from digital intelligence to robotics means you get a turnkey line, optimized to deliver maximum throughput, quality and hygiene with the least amount of labor possible.

PROEX FOOD sweet corn processing lines and equipment

Sweet Corn & Seed Corn

PROEX FOOD is the market leader for fresh market sweet corn lines (tip & tail cut, tray packed or vacuum packed). We also have decades of experience with IQF (frozen) & shelf-stable (canned) corn lines. Our huskers also have models for seed corn operations. We have turnkey lines, equipment, and even husker rolls / roll bed support.

Corn Processing Lines

PROEX FOOD potato and root crop processing lines

Potato & Root Crops

Recent installations have focussed on fresh-peeled and cut operations that present a hand-crafted look. We have fresh-market, fresh-cut, vacuum-packed and IQF solutions for potatoes, carrots, red beets, onions and many other root crops. From peeling to optical sorting, slicing, dicing and more, we are ready to integrate your line.

Potato & Root Crop Processing Lines

PROEX FOOD green bean processing lines

Green Beans / Snap Beans

We've got it all, from air cleaners through cluster busters, snippers, washers, sorters, cutters and more. Plus, we have the technical knowledge to integrate it all.

Green Bean Processing Lines

PROEX FOOD pea lines


Here's a little secret: an IQF or canned pea line is the same as a IQF or canned sweet corn kernel line. Let's double your product options and automate this for your operation.

Pea Processing Lines

PROEX FOOD lettuce and leafy green lines

Lettuce & Leafy Greens

Lettuces, salads and more. Whether field grown, hydroponically farmed or within a vertical farm, we have harvesting through packaging solutions, plus equipment for product and container/raft cleaning.

Lettuce & Leafy Green Processing Lines

PROEX FOOD fresh-cut fruit and vegetable lines

Fresh-Cut Fruits & Vegetables

One of the fastest growing categories. Washed, peeled, cored, sliced/diced and packed for foodservice, retail and other clients. Time to automate, no more rooms of tables and knives.

Fresh-Cut Fruit & Vegetable Processing Lines

Capacity Unleashed

Hear it straight from one of our customers. 

We helped Lunys automate their line, and increase their capacity. Plus, we integrated our iNTELLIPRO™ CONNECT platform on the line. 

Now, their production team has alerts for maintenance needs and easy access to manuals and process steps.

Plus, their management team has insight into daily production output and an ability an analyze their data through custom dashboards.