Creating Value-Added Products, without the Manual Labor

Peeled, cored, sliced, diced, you name it. Consumers want fresh-cut fruit and produce, and you don’t want an army of workers with large knives running around… at least not any longer.

PROEX FOOD has helped several produce distributors and grocer operations to automate these operations.

This page contains a small overview of what your solution might entail. Most of our customers have unique needs and handle different products. No matter what you are creating, we are here to take it from manual to automated.

Fresh-cut sweet corn is its own animal. Click above to see that specifically. 

General Line

Every product and line is a little different.  Broccoli and cauliflower need to be de-stemmed and floretted. Apples, mangoes, pineapples and more may be peeled, then are cored and may be sliced (in various cut options). Strawberries are typically capped (aka de-calyxed), and may also be sliced. Every line is unique, the variability of your common product sizes needs to be assessed, and and more.

PROEX FOOD knows automation is better than a room of tables and sharp knives, with employees bundled up for the cold. Let’s find the automation technology that’s right for you, and design a line that fits your unique needs. 

Most fruits and vegetables have some sort of outer membrane to remove. These all vary, with different technologies per product and capacity needs. 

The goal is to remove just enough, and not to quite literally cut into your product and profits more than necessary. We have several peelers available.

Some products are able to have this performed in one unit, during the peeling process.

Much like the peelers, how to address this, and even if it should be performed at all are based on your product(s) and capacity(ies)

Not all products need to be washed, but some do.  Others want to dose product in some sort of preservative solution. 

Inclusion and configuration are specific to you. This could be a dip / dosing tank, bubble washer, flume washer, or many other items.  

Let’s see what your line needs.

Yes, packaging is also unique. More often than not, fresh-cut fruits and vegetables go into a clamshell.  Other times, they go on an overwrapped tray pack. 

Let’s see what you need, and we will integrate it into your line.

Don’t go without it. It’s not worth the risk to the end consumers, your buyers or your operation. 

These units are more attainable than ever – put one in.

Standard unit to streamline the packing operations.

Integrated, single point controls that manage your whole line. Simple HMI touchscreens and emergency stop buttons.

Ask about enhancement options, such as:

  • Remote accessibility
  • Sensors & extra traceability monitoring
  • Integration with your ERP
  • and more

Wide range of options, all with high-quality, long-lasting builds. 

These options are always customized to your needs. 

Enhancement Options

From scanning to robotics, we have enhancements that will further automate and optimize your line. Often, the paybacks are faster than you may think.







ProEx Food Engineers create custom lines, made specifically for your needs

We design your line in-house, with our dedicated engineering department.

ProEx Food engineers will perfect the design of your line to make sure your product is handled gently and hygienically, giving you the highest utilization and yield prices. We will ensure your operation delivers high-quality product with high levels of throughput.

When you are ready to incorporate robotics, sensors and digital tracking into your line, our team knows how to integrate for you. 

Common Equipment

Here are some of the more common pieces that may be included on your fresh-cut line. This is just a small sample, as most fresh-cut lines are unique.  Don’t worry, our final solution will include the right mix of equipment and technology. We will find it for you.

Once we understand your needs, capacities, budgets and timelines, we are ready to propose your optimized solution.

Our equipment and lines are designed to be hygienic and easy to access for maintenance needs.  We also have solutions for traceability and other sensor-driven capabilities.