AI-Powered Vision Systems with Sorting Capability

Automate your scanning and sorting, aligning and other tasks with new technologies. We integrate them so you receive a ready-to-go productivity tool.

Product Description

PROEX FOOD® Vision & Sorting Systems allow you to automate defect identification, color sorting, geospatial identification and other tasks more accurately and efficiently than ever before. 

Intelligent Grading & Sorting

We deliver fully-integrated solutions that use a thoroughly vetted mix of hardware and custom-developed software to deliver best-in-class results. We make sure your custom solution is configured ideally for your specific use case, and can handle food and beverage processing environments.

While there too many options to list here, our standard offering combines a 2D camera system with an AI-based image analysis software package. This enables automated and accurate analysis of many color, shape and orientation variables that can be applied to many data models. We then integrate with multiple mechanical and/or robotic sorting options.

In the end, your operation gains speed and consistency that simply outperforms manual inspections. As a bonus, our unique offerings can account for natural product variations, which is unique and crucial for food and beverage manufacturers.

Sweet Corn Applications

PROEX FOOD is the global leader in sweet corn processing tech, and has options for both pre and post husked sweet corn. These utilize different scanning technologies. Our vision systems are specific to cobs that have already been husked. This technology can identify such items as:

To learn more about these options, please see iNTELLIPRO® SCANNING.

Robotic Sorting Integrations

ROEX FOOD knows that you also need to automate the tasks that that come from our Vision System data. We integrate with many robotic technologies and end-of-tool (gripper) combinations to further automate your operation.

Much like the software, these robotics are ready to deliver 24/7. Robotics are consistent, hygienic and fast. They don’t get tired, call in nor suffer from repetitive motion injuries.

Robotics are your next step to realizing maximum profitability.

To learn more about these options, please see iNTELLIPRO® ROBOTICS.