PXVF800/900 Series Vibratory Feeder

Designed to accommodate date a wide range of fruits and vegetables. This buffering product evenly distributes product for further processing

Product Description

This vibratory feeder helps filter out unwanted elements of your product while separating and metering it. This smooths out the operation of your line.


The product dispensed into the vibratory feeder manually, with a tote dumper or from your automated system. A screen both prevents clogging and filters out unwanted particulates.

A vibratory feeder at the bottom of the unit spreads the product into an even layer for further processing. The thickness of the layer can be adjusted by means of a special valve.


The vibratory feeder can be equipped with a sensor to measure the quantity of the buffered product. This enables integration with the line to automatically regulate and meter the product.


Up to 3.5 tons, depending on the model and product


The complete unit consists of the following sub-assemblies:

  • 304 stainless
  • Vibrating feeder pan
  • Feed-in basin with buffering valve
  • Anti-clogging screen and sieve assembly
  • Supporting frame
  • Electronic actuators
  • Suspension assembly
  • Control System
  • CE marked