PXFAS-4 Air Separator

ProEx Food air separators use a stream of air to remove light impurities from the product for the next processing phase.

Product Description

This particular air separator is primarily made for either fresh or frozen berries, and can be modified for other applications.  This applies a dry process to remove light impurities (twigs, leaves, grass, moss, etc.) from the fruit. This can be done prior to washing or after freezing, depending on your product and the level of impurities.

  • Cleaned product is loaded into elevator’s hopper
  • Next, product goes to the air separation section
  • An updraft air stream removes lighter impurities
  • Cleaned product is collected for the next phase

This step is highly recommended for hand-picked or foraged items, as well. Those have a tendency to include a significant amount of undesirable elements that should be removed prior to additional processing steps.

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