Vibratory Cross-Head Feeders

Cross-Head Feeders are the most efficient way to feed product into a multihead weigher system. Ours are electromagnetically driven, and ready to handle many kinds of products. Cross-Head Feeders better spread for multihead weigher infeed than belt conveyors. This allows for weigh cells to be move evenly loaded, which helps the software of those units with speed and precision. When you’ve already made the investment in your packaging, make sure you are optimizing it with our Cross-Head Feeders.

Product Description

Don’t buy a high-end sports car, and feed it with bad fuel.  Instead, optimize it for the performance it can achieve.

Cross-Head Feeders are a product line from PROEX FOOD Vibratory. These units are an absolute must for any facility deploying a mulithead weigher as part of their packaging line. These specialized vibratory shakers better, more evenly spread and load product being fed to these systems than a belt conveyor can. PROEX FOOD Vibratory Cross-Head Feeders are designed to handle a variety of materials, including vegetables, fruits and berries, meat and poultry, snack foods and confections, pet foods, pharmaceuticals and more.

Ours are outfitted with our uniquely energy efficient electromagnetic drives, allowing you to adjust the speed of the conveyor to suit your needs. These drives are IP69 rated and long-lasting, with nearly no maintenance. The conveyors also feature several pan design options, for your specific needs.

All of our vibratory products are is designed to be durable and reliable. They are constructed from heavy-duty stainless steel. For some applications, we can equip them with anti-bacterial treated laminate reaction springs. Our Cross-Head Feeders are also designed to be low-maintenance, requiring minimal upkeep.

PROEX FOOD Cross-Head Feeders reduce profitability lost due to a bottleneck at this part of your line. They also mitigate lost profits necessary to meet your minimum weights. By having each load cell properly filled, the multihead unit software can more efficiently and quickly fill your packs without unnecessary overfill loss.

Cross-Head Feeders are an invaluable tool for any processor looking to streamline their packaging line. With their durable construction, low-maintenance design, and adjustable speed, they are a cost-effective solution that can help to improve productivity and product quality.

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