Block Breaker & Cluster Buster System

The Block Breaker & Cluster Buster System is the only system of its kind, designed specifically for IQF food manufacturers. It features a unique combination of a two-part block and cluster system, allowing for maximum efficiency and minimal product damage. The system is capable of breaking up large blocks of frozen food into smaller pieces, while also separating clusters of food into individual pieces. This ensures that the food is evenly distributed and ready for packaging. The system also offers a range of benefits, including improved product quality, increased production speed, and reduced labor costs. With its advanced technology and innovative design, the Block Breaker & Cluster Buster System is the perfect solution for IQF food manufacturers looking to maximize their efficiency and profitability.

Product Description

Introducing the PROEX FOOD Block Breaker & Cluster Buster System for IQF food manufacturers – the perfect solution for breaking up frozen food blocks and clusters quickly and efficiently.

This innovative system was designed by our Vibratory Group to perfectly integrate with our IQF line offerings. It is designed to help food manufacturers efficiently and hygienically break down either frozen food clusters, or all the way back to a large frozen block. It features a combination of rolls whose design and gap/width can be customized for your specific foods.

This system works with many frozen foods, from fruits and vegetables to meat and poultry.

The Block Breaker & Cluster Buster System is easy to use and requires minimal maintenance. It is also designed to be safe and reliable, with a robust construction and a safety guard to protect operators from injury. Plus, this method is far less likely to run the risk of foreign material contamination and recalls, as nothing is inserted into the product.

The system offers a number of benefits to food manufacturers, including increased production efficiency, reduced labor costs, and improved product quality. It also helps to reduce waste, as it can break up frozen food blocks and clusters into smaller pieces that can be used in a variety of applications.

The Block Breaker & Cluster Buster System is the perfect solution for food manufacturers looking to increase production efficiency and reduce labor costs. It is sure to provide years of reliable service.

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