Leafy Green Lines

Are your hydroponic / vertical farms post-harvest processes completely automated in an integrated line?  All the way through case packing?

We have taken our engineering and integration expertise, and applied it to tiered automation installations for hydroponic farm and vertical farm lettuce and leafy greens lines.

We have solutions for leafy greens from brassicas to lettuce to migrgreens

Leafy green options are plentiful, and include lettuce processing, salad greens and mixes, microgreens and/or other leafy vegetables processing. They also include some brassicas, typically the more leafy ones.  For other brassicas processing, please see our broccoli & cauliflower line, as well as our root vegetable line.  .

Leafy Green Processing by Product

  • Arugula
  • Brussels sprouts
  • Cabbage / Bok Choy
  • Chickory / Collard Greens / Radicchio / Escarole
  • Head Lettuce (most varietals)
  • Kale
  • Seaweed
  • Spinach
  • Swiss Chard
  • and more

Leafy Greens are a hot product in the marketplace, one of the fastest growing (pun intended). However, even greens grown in controlled conditions still need to be washed / cooled and cool dried at an absolute minimum. Reducing all human touchpoints through this process also helps mitigate contamination and wilting.

Our Post-Harvest Leafy Green Automation installations ensures that you stay ahead of your competition – creating a final product that is both visually striking and safe for your consumers.  We’ll engineer a custom, integrated solution that is right for you, and deliver a turn-key installation so you can be up and running quickly.  Ask about our robotic automation options to truly automate your leafy green processing and packaging operation.

From conveyors to sorting, washers  / coolers and cold air dryers, blenders, vibratory feeders, weighers, all the way through case packing, our leafy green line and equipment is ready to add efficiency and hygiene to your operation.  Robotic automation is available to make this a truly automated solution.

Basic Leafy Green Processing Line

  •  Receiving
    • Hopper
    • Tote Dumper
  •  Washing
    • Bubble Washer
    • Water Jet Washer
  • De-Watering Options (non-wilting)
    • De-Watering Shaker
    • Centrifuge Dryer
    • Cool Dry Tunnel System (ProEx Food exclusive)
  • Inspection
    • Table

 Advanced Leafy Green Processing Options

  • Optical Sorting / Scanning
  • Dry Blending System
  • Primary Packaging / Clamshells / Vertical Baggers
  • Metal Detection
  • Secondary Packaging / Case Packing
  • Robotics
  • Integrated Systems & Controls
ProEx Food Fully Automated Leafy Green Line
Automating complete leafy green processing and packaging in a hygienic environment.

Whether you are processing for retail and fresh-cut consumption, or for further processing (such as molokhia), we have solutions for your leafy greens.

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