Big Bag Infeed

The Big Bag Infeedis a revolutionary product that makes food processing easier and more efficient. It features a unique design that allows for quick and easy loading of large bags of infeed product. With its robust construction and easy-to-use features, the Big Bag Infeed for Food Processors is the perfect solution for any food processing needs.

Product Description

Introducing the Big Bag Infeed – the perfect solution for large-scale food processing operations that are receiving infeed product in large, heavy bags. This innovative product is designed to make food processing easier and more efficient than ever before.

The Big Bag Infeed is a robust and reliable system that can handle large volumes of food with ease. It features a heavy-duty stainless steel frame and a powerful motor that can handle heavy lads. The system can also be integrated with weigh cells and a metering hopper to streamline your operation.

The Big Bag Infeed is designed to be easy to use and maintain.

You can see this in operation for one of our potato line installs here, from 0:17 to 0:26.

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